Big Vitamin

by Porkomorph

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Abram Foster
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Abram Foster I wrote this really long review. Here are just the important words: Unapologetically, different, decide, intricately, improvisational, contradiction, exuberance is tempered, genre-bending, laid-back, unambitious, relatively, interspersed, unexpected, trippy, lines, wacky, poetic, interesting, all, never, tiring, promises, listen. Since I'm sure that helped, I'd like to point out that I'm very, very sober. And it was still pretty darn great. Favorite track: Sujata.
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As we sit and hearken on the becomings and beckonings and breckonings and breakfastings of two very young, very old bearded boys, we quadulate the quintessential meanings of life liberty and property, for the American Outdoors is where this journey is set and spilled into a golden bowl of swirls of naked love. Pixies take our clothes off before bed.


released October 5, 2016

Ben Astrachan: Lovable and hairy boy who writes, sings and plays string'd instruments for the bearded band. He sits and listens, but also watches.

Jackson Zinn-Rowthorn: A voice you hear and smell and gargle. A guitar that warbles towards nondeath, but also nonlife. (there is only the One). A mandolin is near me, but it is not a learned mandolin.

Eva Astrachan: Beloved sister to the band who sings, plays violin, and is a truly whimsical player in her phrases and fancies. She is featured as a violinist in His Country Home, Sick Daze and Strange Old Werld.

Gianni Dino Gardner: The First Father of the band, without whom no bubblings would blow, and no dribblings would droop. He sings, plays the drums, and shreds the bass. He also has a little guitar feature in Sick Daze.

Matt Berkey (Massive Productions): The First Mother of the band, who allowed for all of this to happen, we owe our lives and our liberty to this beautiful and professional studio and man. He makes dreams come true.....and fart noises.



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Porkomorph West Hartford, Connecticut

pioneers of "folk-o-delic zen punk"

two friends //
20 toes //
we love animals \\

folk music

have you listened to The Fugs?

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